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Approved research

Mechanistic modelling of neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity, and neurodegeneration

Principal Investigator: Professor Alan Evans
Approved Research ID: 45551
Approval date: December 17th 2019

Lay summary

The goal of this project is to provide a mechanistic modelling of brain structure and function. Our overarching aim is to further our understanding of gene-brain-function relationships. Within this framework of gene-brain-function, we will study brain neurodevelopment and aging trajectories, and their counterpart in neuropsychiatric disorders and neurodegeneration. We will develop disease-specific biomarkers and predict the onset of neurodegenerative disorders and their progression patterns. We will incorporate individual variabilities and predispositions in the process of healthy aging and define healthy aging trajectories. Using this baseline trajectory, we aim to study the causal mechanisms underlying brain alterations in neuropsychiatric disorders, and neurodegeneration. The result of these studies will be made publicly available in form of standard measures, data organization protocols, and statistical analysis tools which will advance our goal of reproducible analysis in neuroimaging and genetics.