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Approved research

Mendelian randomization study to asses causal link between osteoporosis and other autoimmune and chronic diseases

Principal Investigator: Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan
Approved Research ID: 44242
Approval date: November 26th 2018

Lay summary

Osteoporosis is the fragile bone disease that can cause painful and debilitating fractures, resulting in significant morbidity and mortality. Every year, people in the UK suffer more than 300,000 fragility fractures often from just a minor falls. Osteoporosis causes nearly 69,000 unplanned hospital admissions and approximately £1.5 billion in hospital costs in England every year. Majority of fractures due to osteoporosis are as a result of secondary osteoporosis (osteoporosis due to concomitant medical conditions). We do not understand if these medical conditions themselves cause osteoporosis or if osteoporosis occurs as a result of treatment and lifestyle changes associated with these conditions. This research aims to fill in the gaps in our understating of the causation of secondary osteoporosis and aligns with the UK Biobank aims of improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases. The proposed research aims to reduce the scientific uncertainty and improve the evidence base to guide UK public health policy regarding osteoporosis and auto-immune disease.