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Approved Research

Modifiable pathways in sex-specific arterial stiffness: Mendelian randomization analysis

Principal Investigator: Dr Yao Lu
Approved Research ID: 75283
Approval date: February 3rd 2022

Lay summary

Vascular aging, which is a process that starts early in life and continues throughout normal aging to the changes that occur related to atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries, has been identified as a cardiovascular risk factor, joining the ranks of high "bad" cholesterol and low "good" cholesterol, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, obesity, and hypertension. In fact, vascular aging is the result of arterial stiffness. Earlier research has shown that arterial stiffness is influenced by both genetic and environment factors. The aim of this research is 1) to evaluate the causal relevance of a range of factors for risk of sex-specific arterial stiffness. 2) to identify the gene changes of the risky environmental factors. 3) to explore the possible mechanisms of sex-specific differences in arterial stiffness.

Project duration: this project will take approximately 2 years to complete

Public health impact: Arterial stiffening (not atherosclerosis) and its related cardiovascular disease have emerged as a public health threat. However, it brings insufficient attention in public even researchers. Our research assesses different life risk factors and investigate appraisal of potential targets for pharmaceutical intervention about arterial stiffening. Therefore, it can be useful for medicine development and disease prevention.