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Approved Research

Multi-modal foundation AI model for identifying subtypes of major psychiatry disorder

Principal Investigator: Professor Xizhe Zhang
Approved Research ID: 145861
Approval date: December 12th 2023

Lay summary

In our quest to understand the complexities of psychiatric disorders, we're turning to advanced computer techniques, specifically a type of artificial intelligence (AI) known as foundation models. Think of these models as highly sophisticated tools that can sift through vast amounts of medical data, like brain scans, genetic information, and health records, to find patterns that might be invisible to the human eye. Using the rich data from the UK Biobank, a massive health database, our research aims to identify and categorize different subtypes of psychiatric disorders more accurately. Why is this important? By understanding these subtypes better, doctors can offer treatments that are more tailored to individual patients, potentially leading to faster recovery and better overall health outcomes. In simpler terms, it's like finding the perfect key for a lock instead of trying several before finding a match. Our research promises not just improved care for those with psychiatric disorders but also offers hope for more personalized and effective treatments in the future.