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Approved Research

Multi-modal genomic analyses of brain function and connectivity

Principal Investigator: Dr Andrew Jaffe
Approved Research ID: 82382
Approval date: May 12th 2022

Lay summary

In this project, we aim to better understand how genetic sequence variation contributes to the causes and consequences of debilitating brain disorders. We specifically hypothesize that genetic variation across individuals can influence molecular and functional measures in the brain which can influence clinical and behavioral traits. We will therefore combine common genetic variation data with functional neuroimaging data with clinical and behavioral measures related to anxiety and depression to better understand their neurobiology. We believe that this project will take 36 months, given the reprocessing of neuroimaging data and then integration of multiple data modalities across two mood disorders (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, GAD and Major Depressive Disorder, MDD). These analyses together can better define the molecular, functional, and behavioral correlates of genetic variation in the human brain .