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Approved research

Multi-omic analyses for association with kidney disease

Principal Investigator: Dr Amy Jayne McKnight
Approved Research ID: 14259
Approval date: June 24th 2020

Lay summary

UK Biobank is an important study that provides important baseline sociodemographic data with health information, which will be useful in comparing how kidney function decreases over time. We plan to explore the dynamic links between inherited risk factors for kidney disease, blood-based biomarkers, and individual lifestyles. We have previous identified multi-omic risk factors for both rare and common forms of kidney disease. In this project we plan to extend those studies to include UK Biobank research. Using this comprehensive resource, we can also explore the impact kidney disease has on an individual's quality of life. This project is expected to last for many years (minimum 3 years) as we plan to analyse and monitor changes in kidney function long-term. Improving our understanding of the risk factors for kidney disease may lead to earlier diagnosis and / or offer improved clinical evaluation resulting in significant health benefits to individuals through more personalised medicine. The results of this research will also help to inform future research studies into rare and common forms of kidney disease.