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Approved research

Multi-omics analysis of vascular and cardiac disease

Principal Investigator: Dr Stephen Chan
Approved Research ID: 48054
Approval date: May 5th 2020

Lay summary

Aim 1. Use machine learning with genomic and medical data to identify genes that drive vascular and cardiac disease. Aim 2. Identify mechanisms and pathways that these genes may operate through to influence vascular and cardiac disease. Aim 3. Infer the potential of other molecules, such as miRNAs and metabolites, to influence vascular and cardiac disease though interactions with these genes. We understand little about many cardiac and vascular diseases, and improving our knowledge in this domain can only help with patient care. Machine learning has the ability to provide us with correlations we might not otherwise notice which could lead to new understanding of disease. We hope the results of this project will help us improve patient care and, perhaps, lead us to new drug candidates.