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Approved Research

Multi-trait GWAS and PheWAS analyses in the UK Biobank

Principal Investigator: Professor Alison Goate
Approved Research ID: 41798
Approval date: December 22nd 2020

Lay summary

A polygenic risk score, is a collective number based on variation in many genes across the genome. Although each gene contributes a small amount of risk common disorders like Alzheimer's disease (AD) when this information is combined into a polygenic risk score and used along with other environmental risks their predictive value improves substantially. In this proposal, we plan to test whether genetic risk for other traits and diseases, singly or in combination, are causally linked to risk for AD. This will help us identify people at high risk for AD and also identify traits that are associated with improved survival or delayed onset of AD. Together this information  will provide clues about the underlying disease mechanisms leading to improved prediction of risk, as well as improved management and treatment of disease. Our initial estimate is that we should be able to complete the project in 3-5 years.