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Approved Research

Multimorbidity, rehospitalization and mortality in coronary heart disease: a cohort study with UK and China cohort

Principal Investigator: Professor Jingjing Cai
Approved Research ID: 77614
Approval date: November 1st 2021

Lay summary

The prevalence of coronary heart disease (CHD) is increasing rapidly, and more adults are surviving into old age with CHD that would have once ended their lives at a younger age. Although previous studies conducted in the past decade have dramatically improved our understanding of CHD, there are still significant gaps of CHD and multimorbidity which means living with multiple physical and/or mental health conditions.

This application proposes to: 1) uncover the relationships between CHD and the multimorbidity and assess the associations between different counts or patterns of multimorbidity in people with CHD. 2) discover what factors (sex, age, ethnic, medication, etc.) can affect on rehospitalization and mortality of CHD. 3) examine the similarities and differences between the two large community cohorts of people with CHD. [UK Biobank (a population predominantly comprising people of European descent) and Hunan Health Commission (a predominantly ethnic Chinese population)], for example, comparing the rate of multimorbidity between the two cohorts.

This research is in the public interest considering population aging and that people who have CHD has been increasing rapidly worldwide. In the future, this findings will be important to better meet the needs of the healthcare approaches and understand health conditions of diverse and complex populations of people with CHD from different ethnic backgrounds. Duration: this project will take approximately 2 years to complete.