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Approved Research

Neuroanatomical imprints of health and disease and their association with inflammation and other factors: aiming for the early identification and prevention of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Principal Investigator: Dr Christian Stephan-Otto
Approved Research ID: 72377
Approval date: April 20th 2021

Lay summary

Scientists have made great efforts to characterize the changes that take place in the brain during a neurological or psychiatric disease, such as Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson, even when they are in the initial stages. However, we know very little about which, and how, biological or lifestyle factors can impact our brain and increase (or decrease) our risk of suffering a mental disorder in the future. In this project, we will measure cortical brain parameters to evaluate the changes that occur in the brain in association with several biological and lifestyle factors, such as physical exercise, diet, sleep quality, or substance use. Moreover, we will try to infer whether these changes may make our brain more vulnerable or are rather protective. The project is expected to last 3 years. At the end of it, our hope is to have attained a substantially broader knowledge on this topic, so that we will be able to give better advice to the public or even contribute towards the development of effective health policies.