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Approved Research

Novel Predictors of Cardiovascular and Surgical Outcomes: Clinical, Socioeconomic, Biomarker and Genetic Factors

Principal Investigator: Dr Makoto Hibino
Approved Research ID: 64037
Approval date: November 26th 2020

Lay summary

Whilst we know a lot about risk factors that cause heart disease and stroke, we know far less about the importance of such risk factors in people who undergo surgery of their hearts for either blockages or problems related to abnormal structure of function of the heart.

We want therefore to examine in detail all the lifestyle factors that may be relevant to future outcomes for people who undergo heart surgery. We will also look at the relevance of factors such as a person's levels of frailty, their prior heath history, as well as their genetic makeup. By doing this work, we hope to better identify ways to help lessen future risks for such individuals. Our planned research duration is 3 years.