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Approved Research

Opportunities along the regional longevity and active ageing mission enabled by AI research [SENIOR.IA]

Principal Investigator: Dr Ignacio Pedrosa
Approved Research ID: 96175
Approval date: February 27th 2023

Lay summary

SENIOR.IA aims to promote healthy ageing by applying advanced AI techniques on large population datasets. The goal is to maximize the potential this cutting-edge technology to boost prevention of high-impact diseases in the elderly population. Specifically, SENIOR.IA will 1) identify those algorithms that are best suited to explote large and complex amounts of data; and 2) to promote transparency and facilitate practitioners' understanding of how IA systems make choices. The UK Biobank data will be augmented with additional information from other countries to increase the amount of information:

- United States Census Bureau.

- Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

- National Health & Aging Trends Study (NHATS).

Best advance techniques will be identified when exploiting large volumes of data on an efficient way by fostering the real potential of the ever-growing amount of data generated in healthcare. The project as a whole has a duration of 36 months, with the data processing and analysis of the set of results obtained as an essential component.

Results gathered will provide an enormous benefit in terms of scientific community and can subsequently be transferred into the community in order to optimise data exploitation, decision making and person-centred care enhancing the potential of AI for social good. Health-wise, findings will provide valuable information to further progress in personalised medicine, thereby saving resources and enhancing health prediction and care, notably for decision makers.