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Approved research

Pharmacogenomics to improve drug efficacy and safety

Principal Investigator: Professor Munir Pirmohamed
Approved Research ID: 56653
Approval date: February 4th 2020

Lay summary

Medicines, or drugs, are widely used in the treatment of disease. There is need however to better understand how drugs work to improve their effectiveness and safety. Currently, just half to three-quarters of patients benefit from the first drug offered in the treatment of a broad range of diseases, and many people suffer side-effects from drugs. The unpredictability of drug response can adversely affect many patients, and inefficiently consumes limited healthcare system resources. There are various reasons why patients respond differently to a particular drug, including their age, sex, current health status, lifestyle, and their genes. We wish to conduct studies to better understand how genes and other factors influence how people respond to drugs. Our main aims are to: 1) Better understand how genomics and clinical factors influence drug efficacy 2) Better understand how genomics and clinical factors influence drug safety We are initially applying for a project duration of 48 months, with a view to extending if studies are ongoing/planned. The studies performed as part of this project will generate additional knowledge in the field of pharmacogenomics (the study of how genetics affect response to drugs), with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes through better use of medicines. Ensuring the right person, gets the right treatment, at the right dose will reduce the risk of side-effects, increase treatment effectiveness, and reduce costs for healthcare systems.