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Approved research

Phenome environment wide interaction study

Principal Investigator: Professor Ines Barroso
Approved Research ID: 41672
Approval date: September 24th 2018

Lay summary

The aim of this project is to explore how the interplay between variants in our genome (genetic variants) and environment and lifestyle factors influences our health and disease. We will do this by specifically asking whether the same environmental and lifestyle factors influence multiple different aspects of our health/ disease in individuals carrying specific genetic variants, thereby putting those groups of individuals with certain lifestyles that carry these genetic variants at increased risk of developing multiple traits/diseases. We anticipate that this project will take 18 months. This project has the potential to reveal if particular groups of individuals within the population are at extreme risk of developing health conditions and in addition, can identify the specific lifestyle factors that increase this risk. This knowledge may be useful in the future for public health policy.