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Approved research

Physical activity and prognosis in the general population: data from the UK Biobank

Principal Investigator: Dr Martijn Spruit
Approved Research ID: 10026
Approval date: December 1st 2014

Lay summary

Physical inactivity is a major public health problem associated with increased mortality and hospitalisation risk. Moreover, physical activity has been inversely associated with risk of several cancers. The aim of this proposal is to examine associations physical activity data with all-cause mortality and all-cause hospitalisation in the UK general population. Moreover, the association with incident cancer will be studied. The current proposal will increase our knowledge on the association between physical activity and all-cause death, hospitalisation, and incident cases of cancer in the general population. This knowledge can be used for the development of physical activity prevention plans. Self-reported physical activity data will be analysed (including estimated metabolic equivelants, METS) and related to time to death, time to first hospitalisation, and incident cases of cancer. Possible predictor variables, including sociodemographic and clinical data, with a significant association and the interaction of each variable with time need subsequently to be modeled as possible explanatory variables. All subjects with self-reported physical activity.