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Approved research

Population burden of diease of hearing disability, visual impairement and dual-sensory impairment amoung UK adults aged 40 - 69 years

Principal Investigator: Dr Piers Dawes
Approved Research ID: 166
Approval date: September 30th 2012

Lay summary

The project aims are: i. To report prevalence of hearing disability, visual impairment, and dual sensory impairment within the UK Biobank population. This is the first population-based study to report the prevalence of hearing disability based on speech-in-noise testing. Quantifying the burden of hearing loss in this way is of importance to providers of services to hearing impaired persons. This study will also provide unique information about the prevalence of co-morbid hearing and vision problems. ii. To compare the prevalence of self-reported hearing disability with that of the 1989 National Study of Hearing (NSH). NSH findings were projected up to 2016, and have been relied upon for planning of services for the past 20 years. This study would test the accuracy of NSH projections. iii. To examine risk factors for hearing disability. Risk factors under investigation include noise exposure, cardiovascular disease, diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, medications and cognitive function. iv. To examine psychosocial correlates of hearing disability, visual impairment and dual sensory impairment (i.e. in relation to low health satisfaction, depression and non-participation in social activities). This project requires baseline data on hearing test, self-reported illnesses, lifestyle factors, cognitive function tests and eye measures for the full cohort.