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Approved Research

Precision medicine of central nervous system diseases combining demographics, imaging, genetics, and other omics

Principal Investigator: Dr Huifang Shang
Approved Research ID: 98992
Approval date: January 30th 2023

Lay summary

The overall disease burden of central nervous system disease is increased in recent years with the procession of aging. The pathological procession of central nervous system diseases is complex and still under research, involving plenty of factors such as vascular factors, inflammation, immunity, and neurodegenerative. Large amounts of studies found that specific genetic variants are associated with a higher risk of incidence of central nervous system diseases or worse prognosis of diseases. Modifiable factors related to lower risk of disease like lifestyles also have been wildly researched. In addition, previous studies found predictive biomarkers and imaging markers of central nervous system disease. These findings provided a potential way to predict the incidence and prognosis of diseases. However, most of the findings are independent of each other. Researches on the interaction and the joint effect of different factors are insufficient. We aimed to explore the association of different factors with the incidence and progression of central nervous system diseases and develop longitudinal predictive models for clinical practice.