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Approved research

Predicting Outlier Phenotypes from SNPs using Molecular Biology

Principal Investigator: Professor Julian Gough
Approved Research ID: 45329
Approval date: April 30th 2020

Lay summary

One of the major goals of human genomic and medicine today is to reach the stage of personalized medicine. That is, tailoring the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases to a specific individual. The phenotype prediction algorithm is designed to detect complex combinations of SNPs that are likely to affect the host's phenotype, irrespective of ethnicity. This will help broaden our understanding of the gene-gene interactions within disease models and may lead to the discovery of novel SNPs which can be later on validated on the bench. We hope that out method will open doors to the making of new drugs to target the discovered SNPs or re-purpose current/old drugs on the market.