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Approved research

Prediction of neurovascular incidental findings using simulation of the cardio-neuro vascular pathway

Principal Investigator: Dr Carole Sudre-Ferraris
Approved Research ID: 58292
Approval date: June 12th 2020

Lay summary

This project aims at predicting the occurrence of vascular events in the brain and the associated cognitive impact by simulating the mechanisms linking vessel changes from the heart to the brain. To that purpose, we will use machine learning techniques to extract vessel characteristics, their topological representation as a supplying tree as well as different markers of vascular occurrence and use these outputs to predict the cognitive outcome. Such models could then be used both at the population level and in the context of personalised medicine. Validation of related biological hypotheses of pathological pathway would be essential to advise health policymakers while multivariate personal input could help better strategise individual patient care.