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Approved Research

Radiogenomics evaluation of Genetically Triggered Thoracic Aneurysm and Aortic Dissection

Principal Investigator: Professor Randolph Wong
Approved Research ID: 92033
Approval date: December 14th 2022

Lay summary

The purpose of this study is offering an integrated state-of-the-art approach to explore the radiogenomics features of GTAAD of Hong Kong local patients. Results will 1) assist genetic diagnosis; 2) provide essential prognosis or proper management; 3) understand the spectrum and frequency of genomic variants in a local dataset, particularly for structural rearrangements unknown by former methods; and 4) generate and construct a risk predictive model applicable to individual patient.

With the UKbiobank radiological imaging (predominant western), we will carry out deep machine learning of our radiomics platform for normal aortic parameters and then we can then apply to the multi-layers radiogenomics to our cohort. We believe the radiogenomics outcome of the cohort could help to establish polygenic scoring of patients with GTAAD.