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Approved research

Replication study of genetic association with cervical cancer susceptibility

Principal Investigator: Dr Fumihiko Takeuchi
Approved Research ID: 17367
Approval date: May 1st 2016

Lay summary

Susceptibility to cervical cancer is known to have heritable component, but only a few genetic loci associated with the susceptibility have been identified. Identification of genes associated with cervical cancer susceptibility will help uncover the mechanism of the disease. We performed a genome-wide association study for cervical cancer susceptibility in East Asian populations and identified associated SNPs. We want to test if the associations replicate in a European population, namely the UK Biobank. Genetic association identified in the proposed research will uncover the disease mechanism and lead to the discovery of new treatment, which meets with UK Biobank's stated purpose. We test the correlation between the subjects' genotype and affection to cervical cancer. All of the ~250,000 women, which include 611 women affected with cervical cancer.