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Approved Research

Research on the influencing factors of global happiness

Principal Investigator: Professor Xin Shi
Approved Research ID: 94607
Approval date: December 20th 2022

Lay summary

Wellbeing mainly refers to the overall evaluation of people's emotional and cognitive quality of life. Happiness is affected by many complex factors, such as education level, medical level, living environment, economic source, and children's condition. Using UKB data, the objectives are: a) to explore the main influencing factors of well-being and propose relevant policies to improve well-being according to the results; b) to divide into two categories according to gender and analyze the main factors affecting subjective well-being.

We will use the related models to explore the main factors that affect wellbeing, and analyze the difference between men and women in terms of the impact of wellbeing.

It is planned to complete the project in three years.

This study will explore the main factors that affect the sense of well-being, Identifying the possible risk factors which are associated with well-being could help provide evidence on public health policy decision-making, and put forward relevant suggestions on improving the sense of well-being. For example, this study will use the data provided by UKB to enable groups suffering from certain diseases, such as mental illness, to take appropriate measures to improve their sense of well-being and life satisfaction, thereby restoring their mental and physical health and prolonging their life span.