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Approved Research

Risk and prognosis factors of cardiovascular disease on different genetic background

Principal Investigator: Dr Zhaowei Zhu
Approved Research ID: 84709
Approval date: February 22nd 2022

Lay summary

According to systematic studies decades ago such as Framingham study and Accord study, the role of established factors in the development of cardiovascular disease is fully understood. Established or traditional cardiovascular disease risk factors including age, gender, smoking, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, et al. have been recognized. These studies build a modern body of knowledge on risk factors and prognostic factors for cardiovascular disease. However, traditional factors can not explain all the phenotypes of manifestation and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases, which make it an urgent need to investigate the whole factors potentially affect the clinical manifestations and prognosis of cardiovascular disease. Thus, in addition to basic and traditional factors, new environmental factors and genetic background should be included for analysis. Although some disease-causing genes have been identified, there are rare systematic studies on the role of traditional factors in different genetic backgrounds. The UKB large-scale population cohort database contains rich environmental factor information and genetic information, and also has sufficient clinical data and follow-up data. Therefore, this study can systematically investigate the role of whole factors in the development of cardiovascular diseases with this powerful dataset.

Expected goals: 1. Establish a prediction system for disease occurrence and disease prognosis by traditional and/or new cardiovascular risk factors under different genetic backgrounds; 2. Establish an individualized disease analysis model involving both genes and environmental factors; 3. Discover new causative factors and factors that can predict prognosis of patients.

Project duration: 3 years.

This project will provide new insight into the risk and prognosis factors of cardiovascular disease, expand the current knowledge, and improve the precise diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.