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Approved Research

Risk Factors including COVID-19 and Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease in Ethnic Minorities in the United Kingdom

Principal Investigator: Professor Olalekan Uthman
Approved Research ID: 71756
Approval date: November 1st 2021

Lay summary

Ethnic minorities in the UK experience a disproportionately greater burden of heart diseases. The reason for the higher burden of disease is unknown. Common causes of heart disease do not fully explain these disparate in burden of disease among ethnic minorities. Even the burden of heart disease also varies among different ethnic groups. In addition, it shown be shown that ethnic minority groups as twice as more likely to die from COVID-19 than that of white British patients. The main aim of this study is to fill this research gap, to examine new and emerging causes of heart disease among ethnic minorities and how best prevent heart disease among ethnic minorities. The output from this study may strengthen our knowledge on the main causes and how best to prevent heart disease among ethnic minorities.