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Approved Research

Risk prediction for aortic diseases using genetic information, lifestyle and environmental risk factors

Principal Investigator: Dr Pei Gao
Approved Research ID: 72907
Approval date: June 16th 2021

Lay summary

Aims: We firstly aim to investigate the causal relationship between aortic diseases and traditional cardiovascular risk factors (e.g. smoking, blood pressure, etc.). Then we will develop an assessment tool using both genetic information and other risk factors for aortic diseases to identify the high risk people in the population.

Project duration: We intend to perform our research for the duration of three years.

Scientific rationale: Identifying causal factors is essential in the prevention and management of aortic diseases. Findings of this study would provide evidence to clarify the causal effects of traditional cardiovascular risk factors in relation to aortic diseases which may contribute to understand biological pathways for disease development and could provide suitable prediction indicators.

Public health impact: Aortic diseases are characterized by high fatality and may bring extremely high disease burden to patients. It has been suggested the morbidity of several aortic diseases (e.g. abdominal aortic aneurysms and aortic dissection) has been increasing in recent years. With the sufficient sample size and detailed information from UK biobank, we have the opportunity to study several rare aortic diseases in the general population. Developing precise risk prediction tools for aortic diseases and its subtypes is expected to improve risk stratification for prevention strategies and will be of great significance for decision making in precise prevention of aortic diseases and improve public health.