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Approved research

Risk Stratification in Dementia

Principal Investigator: Dr Brian Tom
Approved Research ID: 33975
Approval date: July 17th 2018

Lay summary

As part of the DPUK (Dementias Platform UK) and EPAD (European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia) projects, we are developing statistical methods that can identify subgroups of individuals that are at high risk of onset of dementia or rapid cognitive decline. Our statistical models will take account of various potential risk factors including genetics, imaging and other biomarkers. We plan to use UK Biobank data alongside data from other cohorts to develop and validate our models. Our statistical models will be used to give insight into disease processes and to make predictions of an individual's risk of dementia onset or rapid cognitive decline over different time horizons. The ability to identify individuals that are at high risk early on in the disease process could inform recruitment into clinical trials and ultimately lead to improved treatments. We will use statistical and machine modelling approaches to identify groups of individuals who may be at high risk of onset of dementia or rapid decline in cognitive functioning in the short, medium and long term. Full cohort.