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Approved Research

Role of environmental and host factors and their interplays in the development and progression of chronic diseases

Principal Investigator: Dr Guochong Chen
Approved Research ID: 90087
Approval date: June 21st 2022

Lay summary

Rather than being caused by a single risk factor, chronic diseases are attributable to a wide range of environmental and host (genetic and non-genetic) factors which may correlate and interact with each other. This complexity of the risk factor-disease relationship has brought great challenges to the establishment of precise prevention strategies. This project aimed to elucidate the independent relationship of various environmental and host factors with the development and progression of chronic diseases, and to further address the potential interactions among these disease contributors. The ultimate goal is to provide high-quality research evidence that could facilitate the establishment of individualized prevention strategies both among the general population and among those with existing disorders, thereby reducing the associated public health burden.