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Approved research

Role of inflammasome-driven inflammation in cardiovascular diseases

Principal Investigator: Dr Thimoteus Speer
Approved Research ID: 52989
Approval date: September 30th 2019

Lay summary

Inflammation is crucially involved in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases. This supported by large body of experimental and epidemiological trials. Moreover, it has been recently shown that specifically lowering inflammation in patients after myocardial infarction by using an antibody (i.e. Canakinumab) reduces recurrent cardiovascular events in these patients. In the planned project, we aim to specifically assess the role of inflammation on a genetic level. Therefore, we would like to identify subject carrying a genetic mutation, which is associated with higher life-long inflammation. We aim to assess on whether carriers of such a mutation and therefore life-long higher inflammation are at increased risk for higher mortality. Identifying patients with higher life-long inflammation might set the stage for individualized treatments in patients at high inflammation-driven cardiovascular risk.