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Approved Research

Role of micronutrient metabolism and genetics in health outcomes and biomarkers

Principal Investigator: Dr Winyoo Chowanadisai
Approved Research ID: 88625
Approval date: September 9th 2022

Lay summary

Aims: The broad aim is to determine how polymorphisms (genetic differences) in micronutrient genes affect the human body in ways that may predict whether a person is at greater or less risk for diseases.  Because it is common for people to have genetic differences in more than one gene, we will also determine these multiple differences interact together.  In addition, we will also determine if there are other factors, such as diet, that may affect how these genes impact health.

Rationale: Nutrition and genetics can affect the risks for many human diseases.  Because diet is a lifestyle factor that can be modified or changed, determining the best ways to change or shift dietary practices or nutrient consumption may be a way to prevent health disorders.  However, knowing how nutrition and genetics interact to affect human health is necessary before determining how to best design targeted interventions.

Duration: The project will last at least 36 months.

Public health impact: The findings from these studies may provide targeted strategies for preventing diseases or accelerated aging or promoting longevity in people.