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Approved research

Searching the causal and risk factor for chronic immune mediated inflammatory disease

Principal Investigator: Professor Jieruo Gu
Approved Research ID: 47116
Approval date: February 18th 2020

Lay summary

1a: The past three decades have witnessed remarkable advances in our ability to target specific elements of the immune and inflammatory response, fuelled by advances in both biotechnology and disease knowledge. As well as providing superior treatments for chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs), such therapies also offer unrivalled opportunities to study the underlying immunopathological basis of these conditions. 1b: Major unmet needs in the field of IMIDs include defining those patients with IMIDs at increased risk, improving our understanding of the natural history of disease and characterizing the immune, environmental and molecular subclinical events preceding the onset of IMIDS. Improving our knowledge of causal factor, risk factor, predictor is essential for designing clinical trials with treatments that can delay attenuate or even prevent the development of IMIDs. 1c: Multiple factors contribute to the development of IMIDs, including gene, protein, metabolite, methylation, environmental factor. We aim to identfiy possible causal factor, risk factor and predictor for IMIDs and deteremine the effect of them on IMIDs. 1C: Moreover, the identification of causal factors for IMIDs is critical since we are lacking pre-clinical diagnostic tools and efficient interventional strategy for prevent, delay or modify organ damages in patients with IMIDs, such as bone, renal, brain. 1D: We plan to use the full cohort. 1F: This study is expected to validate causal and risk factor for IMIDs and fill some of the knowledge gap in predictor for the development of IMIDs and how is predictor related to IMIDs. This will hopefully lead to better prevention and clinical treatment for patients with IMIDs.