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Approved Research

Social and environmental influences on health and related behaviours: Reverse causations and genetic confounding

Principal Investigator: Dr Stephane Cullati
Approved Research ID: 86247
Approval date: March 22nd 2023

Lay summary

A growing body of research suggests that social conditions get under the skin, eventually leading to chronic disease in middle and old age, but few studies have had the opportunity to ensure that this mechanism is not influenced by genetic factors. This project aims to use the rich data provided by the UK Biobank to study socioeconomic conditions, lifestyles and health, specifically chronic disease and cancer, as well as well the impact of the welfare educational system on health, taking a person's genetic information into account. We will also investigate whether lifestyles and in particular physical activity can modify this mechanism. The results of this project can help to better inform recommendations for health behaviours throughout the life course and thereby promote healthy ageing.

We aim to complete this project and disseminate the results within three years from receiving access to the data.