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Approved Research

Spatial and temporal differences in kidney disease in UK: relationships to environment and demography

Principal Investigator: Dr Nicholas Osborne
Approved Research ID: 82158
Approval date: March 7th 2022

Lay summary

A range of factors including environmental toxins and heat affect if people develop kidney disease. That includes both short term and long-term kidney disease.  In order to combat these diseases into the future we need to understand watch risk factors cause the disease.  A simple first step in doing this is to examine how common the disease in different areas.  Areas where it is common will give us clues into what triggers the disease.  We can use mathematics to measure the differences.  Because there are many things that are thought to cause the disease this may become complicated.  We will build a mathematical model that will allow us to understand which of the many factors that do contribute to kidney disease and how they interact with each other.  This will provide valuable information about the most important risk factors. This in turn will guide public health programs and health promotion.