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Stratification of health outcomes in mood disorders

Stratification of health outcomes in mood disorders

Principal Investigator: Dr Chiara Fabbri
Approved Research ID: 56514
Approval date: March 11th 2020

Lay summary

Mood disorders are a major burden to individuals and society, representing the second-leading cause of disability in young people. Suicide is not the only unfavorable outcome of these disorders, but chronic and intermittent courses associated with functional impairment and deterioration of physical health are common. Disease course, response to treatments and development of psychiatric and medical comorbidities are currently largely unpredictable, particularly in the first phase of the disease when there would be more chances of intervention and prevention.

This project will aim to contribute in filling this gap in knowledge by identifying clinically meaningful groups of mood disorders having specific characteristics in terms of health-related outcomes, such measures of functioning and well-being, response to treatments and risk of comorbid psychiatric and medical disorders. Replication of results in independent samples will be a fundamental step of this research. Possible clinical interventions targeted on specific patients' groups will be evaluated, such as screening for co-morbid disorders and educational programs for prevention or management of mental health disorders. The findings of our research will inform public health policy aimed at promoting prevention and treatment of mood disorders.