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Approved Research

Study on the complex associations of physical and mental diseases with genetics and environment

Principal Investigator: Professor Yanhui Gao
Approved Research ID: 90162
Approval date: August 10th 2022

Lay summary

Human health is threatened by a variety of factors (individual genes and internal and external environment). There is a complex network relationship between these factors and diseases, and different diseases also affect each other. Exploring this complex network relationship will help to unravel the common causes behind many diseases and clarify the biological and environmental mechanisms and potential links behind many diseases (chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and cancer; psychological diseases such as anxiety and depression). Our goal is to explore the interaction between genetic and environmental exposure and a variety of health-related outcomes based on large cohort studies aimed at chronic diseases such as mental disorders, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Our findings may increase the biological and environmental basis related to a variety of health-related diseases, and provide a scientific basis for medical services, health guidance development, environmental science, and policy-making. This research program will last for three years.