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Approved research

Study on the relationship between diet and cancer

Principal Investigator: Professor Yang Zhao
Approved Research ID: 52785
Approval date: November 20th 2019

Lay summary

Abstract: This study aims to explore the relationship between dietary nutrients and cancer through traditional cox proportional regression models, machine learning methods, and Mendelian randomization. Snp and the interaction between snp and nutrients have an impact on cancer. Objective: Considering a number of factors, such as past medical history, energy intake and BMI, we will explore the relationship between diet and cancer. The type of cancer to be studied is currently studied is pending, but our main research direction is lung cancer. Scientific Principles: Cancer is a major disease that threatens human health. Since the beginning of the 21st century, cancer incidence and mortality have been rising and are becoming younger. Diet is closely related to the occurrence of cancer. Reasonable dietary intake has the effect of fighting cancer and preventing cancer. However, excessive intake of certain nutrients will increase the risk of cancer. Project duration: time has not been determined Public health impact: Improve the diet structure for different people to achieve the goal of reasonable nutrition, promoting health, preventing disease and reducing the incidence of cancer.