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Approved Research

Studying the short- and long-term cerebrovascular outcomes of women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Principal Investigator: Dr Andrea Ibarra
Approved Research ID: 95903
Approval date: March 9th 2023

Lay summary

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are a group of conditions that complicates 8% of pregnancies and up to 15% of women. These conditions can increase the risk of high blood pressure or heart attack later in life.  Short and long term adverse cerebrovascular outcomes associated to the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy can have detrimental consequences for women and result on poorer quality of life and social problems. In the next three years, we aim to evaluate the association of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and cognitive changes later in life and correlate those findings to biomarkers and brain imaging. By also evaluating modifiable risk factors we aim to inform researchers about effective interventions in preventing cognitive changes during pregnancy and later in life.