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Approved research

Supporting the discovery and evaluation of drug targets and biomarkers for therapeutic areas that are in scope of Boehringer Ingelheim's R&D through analyses of UK Biobank data

Principal Investigator: Dr Jan Kriegl
Approved Research ID: 57952
Approval date: April 30th 2020

Lay summary

The development of new therapies requires a strong hypothesis for its relevance in relation to the disease in scope, an early assessment of potential risks and a clear rationale for identifying patient populations that would have highest chances to benefit from the new therapy. The analysis of genetic data in conjunction with health related data including for example observational or anthropometric information as provided by UK biobank will support the evaluation of new therapeutic concepts including new drug targets and biomarkers for efficacy, safety and patient population selection. In line with UK Biobank's purpose to improve the prevention and treatment in areas of unmet medical need Boehringer Ingelheim is aiming at utilizing UK Biobank data in order to better select drug discovery and development projects for indications in Boehringer Ingelheim's disease focus areas which have the highest potential to result in new therapies for patients. Areas of interest include cardio-metabolic diseases, central nervous system diseases, immunology, respiratory and oncology as well as fields of active research that are currently covered by Research Beyond Borders such as for example tropical infectious diseases or regenerative medicines. The duration of the research project is expected to exceed 36 months.