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Approved research

Survey of Genetic Factors Affecting Disease Risk and Progression.

Principal Investigator: Dr Julie Hunkapiller
Approved Research ID: 44257
Approval date: January 8th 2019

Lay summary

This project aims to study how a person's genes affects the risk and progression of a broad range of diseases and medical conditions including cancer, immunology, neuroscience, ocular and metabolism.Through the understanding of genetic variants associated with disease risk and progression, we can identify new targets for drug development that will eventually lead to new treatments being available for these diseases. In addition, we will also develop ways to better identify and categorize a person's disease so that we may decide which drug might be the most effective for their treatment or identify those who would most benefit from developing new drugs. We envision this as a multi year project as new data becomes available and investigation methodologies will change. In addition, as new methods are developed, they may be reapplied to this project and this project may possibly combine its data with future datasets to create combined datasets that are more effective at revealing how genes affect diseases.