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Approved research

The association of type 2 diabetes and HbA1c with subsequent risk of cancer at different anatomical sites

Principal Investigator: Dr Thomas Rohan
Approved Research ID: 40086
Approval date: June 25th 2018

Lay summary

Many studies have examined a possible link between type 2 diabetes and the occurrence of cancer of different types. Associations between diabetes and cancers of the breast, colorectum, pancreas, ovary, endometrium, bladder, kidney, and other sites have been reported. However, a recent critical review found that only a minority of these associations were supported by robust evidence. Furthermore, few studies have examined the association of HbA1c, a blood marker of glucose levels over the past 1 to 3 months, and cancer risk. There is a need for additional large epidemiologic studies using HbA1c to predict cancer, both among diabetics and in the general population. We propose to examine: 1) the association of type 2 diabetes or prescribed anti-diabetes medication with cancer occurring at different sites; 2) the association of HbA1c levels with cancer at the sites of interest in participants with and without a history of diabetes at baseline; and 3) the association of blood glucose level and cancer risk. The following cancers will be included: breast, endometrium, ovary, oesophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, bladder, kidney, prostate, thyroid, melanoma, brain/glioma, meningioma, leukaemia, diffuse non-Hodgkins lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and lung.