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Approved research

The effects of age, metabolism, genotype and systemic health on cognitive health.

Principal Investigator: Mr Yizhou Yu
Approved Research ID: 60124
Approval date: April 16th 2020

Lay summary

In a global ageing population, preventing dementia is a major public health care challenge. While there is no cure for dementia, identifying therapeutic targets and modifiable risk factors is critical. The UK Biobank collected data on behaviour, systemic health, genetics, brain imaging and blood chemistry, which we can modify to prevent or alleviate the pathology of dementia. Our group has recently identified potential therapeutic methods to alleviate symptoms of pathological cognitive decline in model organisms. Employing cutting-edge methods in genetics and epidemiological research, we will use data from the UK Biobank to validate our insights in humans. Our research will generate valuable information on the mechanisms of the disease as well as insights into potential new methods to delay the onset of dementia.