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Approved Research

The effects of the interactions between genetic polymorphism and early negative experiences on cognitive functions and related brain function.

Principal Investigator: Dr Jiesi Wang
Approved Research ID: 71005
Approval date: May 4th 2021

Lay summary

Individuals' early negative experiences and some genetic mutations are considered to be potential risk factors for mental health and affect people's cognitive function. However, our understanding of the interaction between early experience and genetics is still very limited. This project intends to use the database to analyze whether people with different genetic mutations may have different cognitive abilities after experiencing early negative experiences and whether there are differences in brain structure and brain activity among such different groups. This project may determine which genetic mutations will aggravate or protect the effect of early negative experiences on individuals. Some of the analyzed results from the database will mutually compared with some animal studies.

As this project is focused on a general hypothesis, the duration of this project may set as a rolling 3-years period.  We hope that this project will deepen people's understanding of the interaction between genes and the environment, and help to better understand the effects of different genes on individual cognitive and mental health. It is also hoped that the research results can provide help for individualized medical intervention or related drug development in the future.