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Approved Research

The evaluation of genetic and environmental risk factors and consequential health effects of chronic pain

Principal Investigator: Dr Zongbin Song
Approved Research ID: 96077
Approval date: November 8th 2022

Lay summary

Chronic pain is a pathologic condition in which pain lasts more than 3 months; it exhibits no obvious benefit to patients but impairs their quality of life seriously. Because of limited recognition of chronic pain, the treatment is usually symptomatic and inefficacious. In the present research, with the comprehensive data from UK Biobank, we would reveal the responsible genetic variants and environmental exposures of chronic pain, which would be useful in identifying vulnerable populations and initiating prevention in advance. Moreover, we will evaluate the possible consequential health effects of existing chronic pain, which could indicate the evidence-based significance to manage chronic pain and the priority to prevent complications in the procedure. The project is expected to last 36 months. In summary, the public and professionals would get a more clear knowledge of chronic pain from our research.