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Approved research

The genetic study of osteosarcopenic obesity

Principal Investigator: Dr Lei Zhang
Approved Research ID: 41542
Approval date: July 5th 2018

Lay summary

Osteosarcopenic obesity (OSO) is a term describing the concurrent appearance of obesity in individuals with low bone and muscle mass. It is a group of severe and common metabolic conditions, including osteoporosis, sarcopenia and obesity. These three components of OSO not only each has strong genetic determinants, but also have strong genetic interplays. However, our understanding to their genetic interactions is largely unknown. In this application, we plan to comprehensively analyze the genome-wide association data of body compositions, including fat mass, lean mass and bone traits, to identify their genetic relationships. Our study will help to understand the genetic determinants of each component of OSO as well as their interplays.