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Approved Research

The impact of education on obesity, examined through the United Kingdom's 1972 British Raising of School Leaving Age.

Principal Investigator: Mr Anoop Sunkara
Approved Research ID: 96991
Approval date: January 26th 2023

Lay summary

This study will examine the impact of education on obesity, with the 1972 British Raising of School Leaving Age act as an instrument for education. This study is important because obesity has risen post COVID-19, and the serious impacts of obesity on mortality, health expenditures, and quality of life have all been examined. However, education's role in reducing obesity has not been thoroughly examined. Thus, this study aims to reduce this gap in economics research and determine the role of government mandated education in being a potential solution for the global obesity crisis. This project will examine the UK Biobank data over the course of 8 months until May 2023. This project hopes to offer valuable insights for policymakers interested in reducing obesity through the avenue of education