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Approved Research

The impact of lifestyle on biomarkers of healthy ageing

Principal Investigator: Dr Thomas Svensson
Approved Research ID: 150401
Approval date: December 12th 2023

Lay summary

This research project aims to investigate the association between lifestyle factors (e.g., physical activity, sleep, diet, smoking) and biological markers. The project also aims to investigate if there are specific biomarkers that can be used (either alone or in combination) to identify a healthy lifestyle and possibly even predict healthy ageing over time. The project has the potential to improve our understanding of why certain individuals live a long and healthy life. The identification of lifestyle factors and biological markers associated with healthy ageing may also allow for the development of new and innovative ways to promote healthy ageing and to prevent age-related diseases, for example through screening procedures focusing on novel biomarkers. Moreover, the combination of lifestyle-related information with biomarkers may allow for targeted disease prevention strategies in susceptible individuals.