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Approved Research

The new mechanism and early warning system of subjective cognitive decline transforming into Alzheimer's disease

Principal Investigator: Professor Yun Xu
Approved Research ID: 94828
Approval date: March 2nd 2023

Lay summary

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by progressive memory loss. AD is a huge burden to patients, families and society. However, the treatment of AD is still in the research stage. Although some drugs have been approved for use, such as !-amyloid monoclonal antibody, the efficacy is not great. It was shown that subjective cognitive decline (SCD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are the main populations that convert to AD. The 2-year average conversion rate from SCD to MCI was 17-37%, and that from MCI to AD was 13.4-38%.

Focusing on SCD and MCI may help us to find reliable indicators to recognize AD at very early stage. Moreover, it is possible to provide a new perspective for the super early intervention of AD. Our study will last for 3 years. We intend to explore the pathological features of AD in the super early and early stages and establish advanced prediction models to achieve the purpose of super early warning of AD, so as to reduce the incidence rate of AD and improve human health.