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Approved Research

The relationship between the living habits and blood biochemical parameters and stroke prognosis

Principal Investigator: Dr Wang Xiaoyu
Approved Research ID: 89023
Approval date: August 10th 2022

Lay summary

It has been found that scientific and rational interventions for factors related to stroke can reduce the death and disability rates. Some studies have shown that the prognosis of stroke is related to socioeconomic status, blood pressure changes, and hyperglycemia which refers to blood sugar above the normal range. However, the prognosis of stroke in relation to living habits and blood biochemical parameters is uncertain. If stroke recovery can be facilitated by an appropriate living habits, the prognosis of stroke patients will be greatly improved. Therefore, the aim of our study was to :1)investigate the relationship between living habits(such as diet and exercise habits) and stroke prognosis;2)investigate the relationship between blood biochemical parameters(such as Lipoprotein a, Lipoprotein c) and stroke prognosis;.  This study probably will last 6 months. From our results, we expected to guide the precise management of stroke and explore new therapeutic targets, for the purpose of delaying the disease progression, improving the prognosis of patients, reducing the burden of stroke, and finally contributing to human health. We hope that by finding factors related to stroke prognosis, we can provide better treatment options for stroke patients