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Approved Research

The relationship of low-frequency gain-of-function missense variants in LGR4 and the onset of obesity.

Principal Investigator: Dr Jiqiu Wang
Approved Research ID: 70579
Approval date: March 30th 2022

Lay summary

Aims:  To investigate the relationship between the variants of LGR4 and fat-related clinical characteristics in humans.

Scientific rationale:  Central obesity is characterized by abdominal visceral fat accumulation and abundant evidence has shown that central obesity is an important indicator of metabolic disorders. Therefore, identifying the causal factors leading to central obesity might provide valuable clues for the prevention and treatment of obesity-related complications in humans.

Project duration: 12 months.

Public health impact: Providing new insights into obesity-candidate genetic variants in abdominal fat accumulation, pointing to novel possibilities for more effective prevention and clinical intervention of obesity-related diseases by targeting LGR4.