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Approved Research

The role of dynamic changes in lifestyle behaviors in healthy longevity

Principal Investigator: Dr Baibing Mi
Approved Research ID: 98148
Approval date: February 8th 2023

Lay summary

Many developed and developing countries are facing an unprecedented and rapid rise in the number of older people with far!reaching health and economic implications. The public health burden of age-related chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and brain health, increases rapidly with an aging population. Lifestyle factors are commonly viewed as mediators between genetic factors and the risk of several chronic diseases, and those healthy lifestyles might alleviate the disease incidence in different genetic risks. This research will use an array of appropriate statistical techniques to analyze the relationships between the change in lifestyle behavior and healthy longevity in the UK Biobank. The work will explore potential associations and interactions between the change in lifestyle behaviors and various health outcomes. The whole cohort will be included in all analyses to be undertaken. We expect to have publications in this regard within the next three years. We anticipate that the study findings would provide evidence and support for clarifying the causal relationship between lifestyle behaviors and age-related chronic diseases, which will provide evidence to guide population prevention strategies surrounding healthy aging.