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Approved Research

The Role of GPR65 in the Prognosis of Cancer

Principal Investigator: Dr Anthony Muslin
Approved Research ID: 94551
Approval date: February 22nd 2023

Lay summary

Specific Aim:  To determine whether people with altered forms of the GPR65 gene do better when they get cancer.

Scientific Rationale: The human immune system plays an important role in limiting the growth and spread of cancer. Unfortunately, cancers have several weapons to limit the immune response. Tumors often exist in an acidic environment, and this acidity can work to inhibit the immune response through a molecule on white blood cells called GPR65.  Some people have an altered form of GPR65 (I231L) that is less responsive to acid. The work described in this application will help to determine whether people with the altered form of GPR65 do better when they get cancer.

Expected Duration: The expected duration of this project is 12 months.

Public Health Impact: If cancer patients carrying the altered form of GPR65 have improved survival, then GPR65 blocking drugs may be effective in treating cancer and may help to reduce cancer-related deaths.